Why it would be great to have a hide a key!

So after dinner I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids and let them and ME to walk up and down the street a few times....

So this one time I grab my phone ( my new one has a clip on it so it does not matter if I have pockets or not) and the spare key and put it under the front rug. I can see my house from the road I just did not want to take the risk of losing it. ha!

So I lift up the mat and it is not a limber as I remember. It bounces back and oopppsss....the key falls right between the cracks of the front porch...

So I called Joe and it was about ready to coem home so I say no rush as long as you get home before it gets cold/the sun goes down. He did

Here are some cell phones pictures from our afternoon outting literally!

they were supposed to make sad faces so i would have a fun picture for my blog BUT there was a PLANE!
Notice Cayden still has his sad face......

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