What could you spend 736.36 on?

I started couponing in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got some toys at over 50% off during that time and that sort started this addiction that is....


...but it could be worse / it could be....

Cashier T - Hi There. How are you today? I will take your coupons when ever you are ready!
Me- Hi Thomas I am fine, How are you?
Cashier T- Good. Good Ready to go fishing!
Me- Okay here are my coupons...

tick tock tick tock tick tock

Cashier T-Ok Mrs Farrell you total savings today was 112.35. See you next week!

OH wait it is - &&&& It is Freaking AWESOME!

So my friends Jennifer and Tracy are the ones that started all the madness that is couponing...HERE is Tracy's Entry on her couponing.

So starting in 2010, when I really got into all this couponing I decided that I would save all my receipts from this year and add them all up at the end of the year to see what I had saved....

Well today is March 4 and I decided I will add these puppies up today and see where we are at is all things saving money...

Since Jan 1 2010 I have spent 907.42 on groceries but I saved
that is 81%
Can you do that at Walmart? I bet...
I only shop at Publix and sometimes Walgreens...but most of all my shopping done at Publix.
I buy everything at Publix:
Hair color
Cleaning supplies
Pull Ups
Paper Items
And then all my regular grocery stuff too

The only thing that makes me sick and I am going to start doing is that 736.36 is still in our checking or savings so .... I am going to start taking that and saving some of what I saved - it has however been nice to send extra food to someone who needs it and use the extra money on Four Farrell stuff...

We have all but cut out easting out we eat at home most of the time. If we do eat out it is usually somewhere that I have coupons too!

The folder .... I started with a 1 inch and quickly out grew it. This a 3 inch.
The front these a coupons that I have printed that need to be cut and filed or big store coupons.
I used business card holders that you can get a Office Max, Office Depot...ETC
My first notebook : Blinder, dividers, and BC holders was $21.00. THat is a SMALL investment on what you could be saving.

From Sunday Paper and Printables to be filed...

here are the websites I use
and Southern Savers (google it I am not sure of the website)

So answer my question what could you spend 736.36 on?
A new piece of furniture?
Pay off a bill?
Relax and not fill the stress of a smaller check?

Happy Couponing!!!

PS- I am not as good as some but I happy with my savings... Check out and some of her friends for 1 and 2 dollar Publix and Kroger trips!

here is a list of my dividers:
shampoo soap razors
toothpaste toothbrush
-kids toothpaste toothbrush
paper plastic items
-ziploc brand
-pinic supplies
Adult Meds
Childrens Meds
Laundry & Cleaning
-all purpose
 butter & other cold items
soup/can goods/fruit cup
(- is a sub catergory)
You will can label them how ever that is just is best for THE FOUR FARRELLS right now!

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Jennifer Johnston said...

Yay for couponing! I still need to re-do my binder. Wanna babysit lol?

I got a great deal today on bertolli pasta sauce with a publix Q and manu Q and kraft shreaded cheese too!!

Happy Shopping!!