Crazy Hair Friday

This morning Cayden and Chase decided that they wanted to have crazy hair. I took some pictures of them in the car...Cayden is a DRAGON and Chase is a DINOSAUR! We hope you have a great weekend!


Richard's 57th Birthday!

Here are pictures from last night...
Richard's birthday at Logan's!
I think everyone had a good time!


I can't believe Cayden is almost 4!

Turning Four means so many things for Cayden...Monday PRE-K signups start. I can not believe Cayden is going to be in PRE-K! Turning Four means spending the night with friends, birthday parties for school mates, and so much more!


The Grown Up Weekend

Our Night was fabulous! We checked in at about 2.45 to hotel looked around and took some pictures. Then it was time to head out to the show, KOOZA was so wonderful ... thanks Mom and Scott! (Kooza was a Christmas present from them). After, Kooza we headed to eat. We ate a Tavern Plaka, I had eaten there before and was craving it. It was a bit disappointing but not horrible. TP has changed management since the last time I was there and the flaming cheese was a smaller portion and they did not have lava cake any longer. BOO! None the less, we had a good time there. Joe got to see the belly dancers and he had chicken kabobs...he said those were yummy! For dessert we had a coconut, honey, custard thing that the waiter suggested. I was not in love but it made Joe's eyeballs roll in the back off his head. He said it was really rich so it got in to go and ate in later. After dinner we headed back to the hotel...

The hotel was simply amazing...everything about it! They changed the floor mats depending on the time of day, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night. The elevator would say Going up, fifth floor, lobby and my personal favorite Going Down! haha! I am so glad and grateful that Joe and I had a chance to enjoy each other!

Special shout out to Mom and Scott for babysitting
and the Kooza tickets and all the other wonderful things you do!
If you ever get a chance to stay at The W Atlanta Downtown I highly suggest it!


Vista Print

I love the free things on! You order your items and just pay for shipping... I got the cards above, note cards with our address, return address labels, note cards for cayden, note cards for chase, a notepad, and sticky notes for 30.00. Not everything I ordered was free but still 30.00 for all this stuff is simply amazing! Go check them out. I have ordered from them before and then stuff is nice. I ordered magnet calenders for the fridge, gift tags, some different return labels, and a pen. Love them all! I will shop there again. Apparently!!! PS- You get your products pretty quick! (faster than I thought)...

*Thanks to Jessica G for telling me about them!

Happy Vista Print Shopping!!!


Pictures of all things Valentine's! Enjoy

These are pictures from baking cupcakes, pre-grilling dinner on the deck, Vday morning, the childrens museum, and m&m ice cream at CPK


Valentine's is right around the corner

Only 2 days left to get your sweetie a prize.
An another annoying update on next spa treatments for Joe. Apparently, The W is smoking crack because there spa is more expensive than The MGM in Vegas like 100 dollars more! So instead I am heading to Publix this afternoon after work to get some shrimp and I am going to grill him so shrimp and chicken kabobs - tomorrow night. I know it is not valentines day tomorrow but Saturday is filling up more and more as the days go by. While we are out and about we are going to the Sears outlet in Tucker to try and get a washer and dryer because our dryer is dead and the washer is on it's last leg. Well - I bought our tickets to Imagine It earlier this week - the kids still do not know that we are going...they will be so excited. Joe is excited about going to the CPK in Atlantic Station and he is even a little excited about Ikea. I think that if he fully understood what is there and what it is like - he would more excited! I will show him. I am having a little bit of anxiety about getting around Atlantic Station. Random Jessica Fact: I CAN NOT parallel park to save my life! So we are going to have to park in places I can pull in and out of. Joe can parallel park but he hates driving downtown- that part does not bother me. There is a parking deck- I am just hoping it is close to the CPK! I got Chase a new stroller last weekend so it is 10times better than the little umbrella stroller but since we will be doing a lot of walking I am going to leave that one in the car for Cayden just in case.
Cayden and Chase packed their valentine cards early this week. Tuesday we baked the cupcakes for their classmates and tonight I am going to frost them all! (42 cupcakes) Well there will only be 41 when I get done...yum! They are excited about tomorrow and the little parties they will be having. I want to teach the kids that Valentine's Day is not just about lover's per say but about all the people you, dad, brother, cousins, grandparents, friends, and so on! So I am so excited that VDay is on a Saturday so we can spend it as a family!

*CPK is California Pizza Kitchen

Well - I am sure I will be busy tomorrow at work so ....

Happy Valentine's Day!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend with everyone you love!


Chatt - a - new - da'

I booked the hotel for the Chattanooga weekend. We are going to stay at the Sheraton Read House. Joe's family also booked a room so they will joining us for one night. The hotel's pictures look really nice - I have not checked the reviews on tripadvisor just yet. I have to admit that I am a bit scared. The room was only 54.00 a night...But for that amount of money I guesss we can suck it up. I have to say that I am completly digging WWW.HOTWIRE.COM. That is where I booked the hotel for our grown up weekend and the family weekend. I can not wait to take the boys to the mountains and ride the incline and all the fun stuff we have planned!

I really need a break from our life here. I need an excape with my family to enjoy them. I could not sleep last night so I watch my children sleep - I have so many emotions that I just can explain rushing through my body like The Might Mississppi River. These feelings are not directed at Joe, Cayden, or Chase: I just want time with them! I want to show them new and fun things. I want to make more memories than their little heads can hold and have pictures to prove it!



I am reading a book called Motherhood: The (Gift) Guilt That Keeps On Giving by Julie Ann Barnhill. In her opening she makes you do an exercise that involves writing down all the things that you do NOT feel guilty for doing here is what I wrote:

  • Taking pictures of the boys doing something that is a no-no instead of a time out
  • Kissing my kids even when they turn their heads
    Vacations/weekends just for mommy & daddy
  • Eating M&M's before bed as a treat for the boys
  • Knowing my faults, admitting them, trying to fix them, and do what I can to make Cayden and Chase's life the best it can
  • Going over the top
  • Baby Massage or babbbbie 'sage as I used to call them
  • Going to Waffle House for dinner after I pick them up from school

Here is an example of the pictures (from Feb 4-2009):

Dinner, What dinner?

The milk is much better on the floor, duh mom!
If all fails send in the MCUC...The Milk Clean Up Crew. Friskie will gladly clean up the milk!

***Disclosure: The MCUC only got the floor! We don't allow "paws" on the table!


Update: Our Grown Up Weekend I finally booked a hotel- We are going to stay at W Atlanta Downtown!
As the date gets closer and closer - I get more and more EXCITED!
If you have no idea what I am talking about there is a blog further down that explains everything about this upcoming outing!