Chores Smores!

Chore Charts HERE.

Cayden has been doing chores since the first of the year, I made up a chart and he get
X Free Day
:( not a good day
check mark - good day

if he gets all checks for the week. he gets a dollar so. If,which we have yet to do, he a month of checks and X then he get an extra special prize this months prize is this wooden train thing I got at Target for like 5 bucks. Whatever works! I made Chase a baby chore chart today from the link above. So we will see...The chore chart holds AWESOME power at my house...Its crap like
clean your room
put away laundry
put away coat
pick up shoes
help with groceries
...all things I would ask anyway but for some reason it is much easier to do when it is on a piece of paper on the fridge. I saw today that a lady said laminate it...light bulb! so I think I will do that! Where do you get thingd laminated at? Office Max or some where like that?


This Daddy said...

I get stuff laminated at The School Box Store.

Tracy said...

oops! forgot to sign Scott out.

The Cunninghams said...

You can also laminate at Office Max or Office Depot. You can also use clear contact paper to laminate. Thanks for posting your chart. I remember talking about it the other day and we are going to try it.