Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Well 1st & foremost...

We will be spending Thanksgiving at the Farrell's. Grace and the rest of the Wilson clan will be joining us! YAY! Mom and Scott are going to Destin (camping) for Thanksgiving. My dad and Granny were going to come up but she is still not feeling all that well. She is going to come up and stay the week of Christmas- after all- I will be off work...OH YES!

Joe will be working Thursday night so after work he is going to Walmart for the Black Friday sale. I have always wanted to go but every year there is always a reason I can't! There are 6 things that we are getting. I tried to get the things others may not want as much as some of the other things...on my Black Friday list there is:
Aqua doodle Thomas - Cayden
digital picture frame - I am sure this one will get gone!
blocks - Chase
The VSmile PC Pal- for both the boys
mini crock pots - I love mine. Makes a great gift!
& for Joe-Joe he wants a lighter vac for the stairs and they have Bissell for 28.00!

Well - Sunday I rearranged the living room so I can put up my tree sometime over the next couple of days! AND OMG my carpets are so nasty! I hate carpet! Can't wait for the money tree to sprout some more $$$$, honey! Because the carpet will be gone!

I hope everyone has a safe long weekend!!!!!


Baby LOVE!


Jayme Lynn was born Nov. 11 2008!

She is so beautiful (she looks just like Aunt Jessica...)!!!