Happy Vacay to us!

In June we are going to the BEST place ever.....the beach!

A lady that I used to work with has a condo/townhouse a the beach so we are getting a good deal.
Thanks Pam!
I am taking my coupons and my Publix list and we will eat out maybe 2 times while we are there....

I love the Gulf Coast- Joe however prefers the Atl Coast, blah. (He grew up in Jacksonville)

Anyhow you can click here to see the beach!

Here is what we looked like 2 years ago when we were in PC....

We are going the week before the 4th of July so I am hoping it will not be insane there. I know I know I know that there is going to be a million people there but just not like the 4th of July week....

Well off to go plan and plan and plan and plan out our trip and budget and coupon all that jazz!

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