Sending March out with a BANG!

Waiting on Cain, Carson, & Carly!

This weekend was super busy! We had a bunch going on and the kids loved every minute!

Friday - we ate at home and really did nothing. Then after dinner Mom, Scott, & Jeffrey came over for a little visit.

Saturday - Joe's work moved from one location to another. He worked all day. So it was just me and the boys! In the morning, we had breakfast with the Easter Bunny. The Rec. Dept. did a wonderful job - everything was so cutely decorated. They served eggs. biscuits, bacon, gravy, and cereal. Chase woke up really early that morning so by the time we were leaving to go he was miserable...He had a "small" meltdown in the line to get a balloon. Cayden got a fishing pole and Chase got 3 little mice! (which he "ate" on the way home). The boys also got there faces painted - Cayden had a dragon and Chase had a bee!Arts & CraftsGone Fishing!3 Little MiceBreakfastBeeDragon

After breakfast, we went to the store to get some bread and juice and some dog things. The boys don't understand that a dog is coming to live at their house. Every time I would put something in the buggy they would say..."Burton is going to like that!" (Burton is my mom's dog)

Once we weathered the storm or the storm weathered us , I'm not sure which it was, we headed home to take a nap. ALL of us! When we woke up it was time for us to go to a birthday party. It was a pirate themed party so the boys got to dress up like pirates! After the pirate party, we headed to Nana, Papa, and Uncle's for a farewell dinner for Uncle. He is going to Japan for 3 weeks. It was nice. The kids played on the new screened porch. Once, it was time to go we took Daddy a plate to work and got up in a "big truck". The kiddies loved that. In the truck!

Then we boys & I went back home to shower and got in bed and watched a movie until Daddy got home around 11:30. Then we all crashed.

Sunday, was church I worked in the 1 year old room. The boys went to their rooms and learned about Jesus in the garden. After church when went home to have lunch. Once I ate I had a baby shower to go to. Then it was time to relieve Joe from Daddy Duty so he could go to work! Once the boys got up from their naps we organized the basement. We had dinner - which Cayden and Chase thought it was SO YUMMY! It was so simple - all it was - was hamburger meat with Parmesan cheese on it and noodles...(????) Whatever works, right? Cayden started in that he wanted to call Kelsey's mom to come over. So he called Grace...excuse me....Mrs. Grace and she came over and we traded off some baby clothes...Then came bed time! The End!


How much is that doggie in the window?

I think this the dog for us!
We are currently in questionare mode... so keep your fingers crossed, that it works out!
Oh yeah His name is Zeke!


My Memory Walk

Please visit my page...I, along with Joe, Cayden, and Chase, will be walking October 17, 2009 to make a difference!

I want to do my part to fight this disease, but I need to ask for your support! Please make a donation to help the Alzheimer's Association advance research into prevention, treatments and a cure for Alzheimer's. For the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide.

If you are interested in walking with me...just let me know and I will get you signed up!

My Review of Water-Resistant Outdoor Blanket - MultiStripe

Toys R Us

This unique and innovative water-resistant blanket is ideal for numerous indoor and outdoor activities. These activities include the beach, the park, picnics, sporting events, and around the house. The blanket is backed with a durable water-resistant nylon material that prevents moisture from soa...


Jess the Mom of 2 Temple Ga 3/24/2009


4 5

Pros: Soft, Great Design, Durable

Best Uses: Infants, Newborn, Toddlers

Describe Yourself: Parent of Two or More Children

I have only used this once at a soccer game. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be. The water proof side really seems to keep the water away. No one that sat on the blanket got wet! This blanket will be going to the beach with us this year!



And Soccer Starts Again!

Saturday was the first soccer game for Cayden this spring. He did so good he scored a goal for his team and lots for the other team! There was no falling down and no goofing off! He was a little soccer star Saturday!

Not really sure what was going w/ the camera ... sorry colby wobly!

Kelsey came to cheer Cayden on!
After all the soccer excitement we went w/ MeeMaw to The Polk County Animal Shelter and picked up a dog she rescued his name is Burton. He is Schnauzer and he came from a puppy mill were he was the stud. There were two girls from the mill there also ... I feel in love with Bridgette she was so sweet.
We got Burton and headed home. Once we got home Papa and Nana came by and measured Chase's window for new blinds...(that was Joe's birthday present). Then during the banbeano's nap Joe and I organized the garage. I then grilled out some shrimp,yummy!
Sunday, the kids and I went to church. After church the boys went to PawPaw and MeeMaw's to see Burton. While they were gone, I raked the backyard and cleaned up the deck and patio! I am determined to have a backyard get together this year!
This weekend coming up is going to be a ton of fun too...Can't wait!


This is why some people are not blessed with boys!

This is the little note that I get everyday from Cayden's teacher. It tells me how long his nap was, if he needs anything (like changes of clothes), what they did they day (like what letter they talked about) and then there is a comment section. Well usually it says : HAD A GREAT DAY! Well, yesterday it said that in black and then down at the down in blue it said something else. What it looks like is that the day was great up until afternoon outside time! Here is what the bottom of the note said!

So from best that I can understand ... Cayden got in trouble for climbing the fence and then got mad so it always makes sense to pull your pants and underwear down to pout!!!

Hope you enjoyed your laugh! Have a great weekend!!!

PS- After dinner Cayden and I had a talk about why we can not pull our pants down in public, private parts, and listening to teachers! And he had to go to bed early and no desert after dinner. So as funny as it is - he does not know that I think it is funny!


Chattanooga TN

We are back from Chattanooga. We actaully all got a little bit of sunburn yesterday in between the showers! I posted a ton of pictures on so you can go there and check them are a few of my favorite pictures!

On the other blog if there is a white box where a slide show is supposed to be click view all images to see them...not really sure why half are working and the other half are not!

Happy Rainy Monday!


A Sunny Afternoon / After Work & School

Yesterday, after we got home and had dinner the boys and I went outside for about 30 minutes or so. They played, had a Popsicle, freaked out the cat, and had a science lesson! Whoosh - they slept good last night!

King of the WorldSpeed Racer!Slide!!!!!!!
Friskie even got in on the science lesson. There was a bug on the driveway. Cayden starts yelling: Mommy Mommy there is a bug! Can you go get your shoe & squish it?

The bug turned out to be a caterpillar and we put it back in the grass and I told them how it was just a baby butterfly and that it lives outside so we should not kill it! The boys look at me like - My mom is smoking crack, for real! You expect us to believe that - that bug is going to be a butterfly...
Holy jeepers Batman! What is that noise?
Can I come down the driveway ... just one more time?
No shower for me - I am fine with the Popsicle juice and dirt under my nails!

After all the outside fun we headed in for shower time...I asked Chase if he need to go potty - he said yes - and I thought - YEA RIGHT! HE just wants to sit on the potty and stand up - sit down stand up .... but he DIDN'T! He sat down on try one and pee peed...It is AMAZING two nights in a row!!!!

Well we leave for TN in the morning - I planned our daily activities yesterday -so I am ready to rock and roll -

***I had my car cleaned yesterday at work and it looks like a totally different car...crazy what the likes of vacuuming and "water" can do!!!
Hope you have a nice weekend!