So my dad and granny came Mon-Wed. that was a nice visit with my granny. My dad pretty much drove me crazy. Wed I took Jayme, Cayden, & Chase and had Christmas pictures taken.

Thursday was Christmas eve - I bought and wrapped Joe's TV and that was about all I did...

Friday was Christmas it was an okay day. I fell back asleep on the couch waiting on my family to show up while the boys were down stairs with the TV and apparently the Wii is much better now. Once everyone got there we ate and the madness began....

I did get lots of goodies...

GPS, Zoo membership, a new phone (not crazy about it so it is going back), camera...

Christmas Eve

For Santa

My New Camera!!!

A the winner is....

This Daddy and Jennifer!

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Random Whinning....

How do you get your kids to behave before Santa's visit...

We have Buddy (Elf of the Shelf), Santa's elf that lives with us and reports to Santa if you are good or bad. Buddy can not be touched or he will lose his magic... WELL Chase Touched...what do I do now?

Chase pooped in the shower- well let me clarify Shit on the Shelf of the shower...

Poured kitty litter on the floor in the hallway & in the bedrooms and on Cayden.

So what to do??? He is three so should Santa come or not?

Then last night I HAD to go to the store I have been putting it after I picked up the kids we went to PUBLIX. (I am rolling my eyes as I type this). It was dinner time so I was going to get them some chicken tenders to eat while I shopped. WAIT, go back we always get a "car buggie" welllllll, we ended up with the noisiest car buggie EVER! We are talking people giving me crazy looks...LOUD! ugh...anyway so we get to the deli and C&C decide they want a sandwich that is fine...we get our sandwiches, I got Joe and I one also for when I got home. So anyway on the back of the "car" I have all my coupons and the list of all the crap I need to get for the next couple of weeks. (there is no room for anything else back there) along with my purse...anyway 1/2 through his sandwich Chase decides hes "done!" okay just hold it - I have no where to put it....'no, I done" .... so I take it and put it at his feet well apparently we was not "done" because he starts eating it again somewhere between the baking aisle and the can goods. by the time we were over to the dairy Chase throws his sandwich on the floor. I mean the floor at Publix. So I pick it up and put it back at his feet /DO NOT EAT THIS IT IS GROSS...Well I am in the check out line and look at Chase guess what...HE IS EATING THE FREAKING SANDWICH! So I pay out and load up...we get home and wait, back track again...the whole time we were in the store Cayden was can we buy this, I like this, why are we buying that, what is that for???? shhh....just eat your sandwich....anyway we get home I am about ready to nut up on Chase, so I decide that in the best interest of everyone to let them play and I am going to eat my sandwich in "peace"- HAHA...yeah right...well then I hear the front door, (insert :sigh of relief) Joe is home he can help - again HAHA... "Hey, look I am home on time. What are you doing? Did you already put everything up?" NO JOE! I just walked in the door, the groceries are still in the car, the kids have not had a bath, etc. So I hurry through my "peaceful" sandwich ... help Joe unload the car and I put everything up. He gets the kids ready for bed, I am not clear on what Chase did to Joe in the 15 minutes that it took to Bathe and get in bed but .... I heard them fussing about something anyway I was "making" squash casserole for our Christmas shin dig today. (again with the eyes) Which smells and looks so GROSS! After all that - bed at last! Wait what is that smell? Any guesses on what the smell was?

the cat peed on the bed...he was inside for about 10 minutes, what the heck? and why my side of the bed? why does my cat hate me so? anyway I change the sheets and check the mattress, Thank God, there was not any pee on the mattress or there may have been a dead cat. So I finally got to go the bed late last night with... MYSELF! ahhhh....

I think that a night out is in order, you know a night to sit somewhere in the quite!


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Saturday without Daddy....

The boys with their tree that they decorated.
The front door

SANTA in downtown Villa Rica

On the way to see Santa

On the way to see Santa

Train that the mall

Lowes gingerbread house

Lowes gingerbread house

Home Depot wagon
Home Depot wagon
we also did story time at borders and read how the Grinch stole Christmas....
boy i am tired!!!!
Merry Christmas!