Happy New Year!

Here are a few pictures from the Sunday before Christmas:
Cayden "relaxing'" at MeeMaw & PawPaw's
Chase is cool in his sunglasses...
Cheesing for Mommy!

Cayden, Chase, and baby Jayme....


Well as 2008 comes to a close; I am going to take a moment to reflect on the good, the bad, and future!

In 2008, a lot of GREAT things happened:

Nov 11 - we welcomed a niece! Jayme is so sweet and healthy
Sept 1-My credit union merged with State Employees Credit Union-which should open a lot of doors for me!
The boys both turned a year older and are happy, safe, and healthy
We as a family attended church just about every Sunday!
We had our family vacation to PCB with Mom, Scott, and the Johnston's!
Joe and I both have jobs and we were not unemployed at any point this year...
We cleaned out and de-cluttered...which we need to do again.
Cayden's "sperm-donor" left as fast as he entered into his life! I am so thankful for this!
My marriage is a happy more year that we were together and loving life!
My Granny (the last grandparent I have) spent the Christmas holiday with us at our house
Uncle had a victory over Paulding County Schools

In 2008, there were some negative things that happened

In the spring my grandfather passed away
The "sperm-donor" showed up on our front door steps - one Sunday this summer
The gas prices(when they were so high)put a major strain on the checkbook
Jeffrey had some issues - which it seems he will rise above

In all I think 2008 was a good year...

For 2009, I see a bit of the same drama. However, this year,2009, I will not let it affect me or my family. If you have issues that are going to disrupt my know where the door is! I will be able to pay somethings off this year which in turn will give us more money to do fun things as a family. In 2009, we as a family will be doing things in/for the community. I challenge you and your family to do the same. We will be more GREEN in 2009. I will take more pictures, more bubble baths (or something else to relax...bubble baths go against the going GREEN), walks in the neighborhood with Joe and the kids, visit new places,dance, spend less money on unimportant things, pray, be more thankful, donate what we do not use any more, love easier, work harder, play harder, have more husband and wife time with Joe, have alone time which each individual kid, have Jayme at least one weekend a month, laugh at myself and all my silly ways, be a better old friend and a great new one, and just LIVE MY LIFE to the fullest and on my TERMS!

So in closing...

May you & your family have a wonderfully blessed 2009!


Jessica's Favorite Things - Whatever Oprah!

Top 10 Things I am LOVING right now:

10. Chinese Take-out
9. My shoes from JcPenny Liz Baker® 'Noa' Slip-on
8. Target Diaper and Wipes...the wipes are my fav!!!! They smell so good and they are soft!
7. PokaDot Socks
6. Pop-up organization...Great for the car (toys and such in the backseat) and the trunk (extra clothes)
5. Wrapping presents and all the JOY that my kids have for Christmas
4. Riding around looking for Christmas lights
3. My new bag from Smushed Peas...looks just like a buckhead bettie...just a bit cheaper...PERSONALIZED...Merry Christmas to me!
2. Envirosax...I WILL be getting some of these...Google them! also has them but the prices are better on their website and you can get the "pod" of them!!!!
1. The possiblity of a Christmas Bonus for me and Joe!


For your entertainment

1st time Cayden ever held Chase (2006) below Cayden and Cain playing soccer (the pic I stole from Tracy's Blog) right

Chase (2007) wanting to play not fold clothes

Cayden at Disney Summer 2007


Just a quick one for the road!

The family is getting busy for the holiday season! It is all so exciting!

I am going to find out today when and how long my Dad & Granny will be here at Christmas. They are planning on being in town for Christmas Morning which warms my heart!!!!!

Okay that is all for now....

Christmas Shopping

I LOVE online shopping!!!!!

I only have one more thing to get for Chase!

& I got a bunch of gifts from SMUSHED PEAS! (

I more than half way done with my shopping and all but 3 are wrapped and under the tree!!!

Be jealous!!!


Smushed Peas

Check out the link to Smushed Peas over on the right side of my page!
Great for Christmas ideas!!!!!


Thanksgiving & Black Friday

Well 1st & foremost...

We will be spending Thanksgiving at the Farrell's. Grace and the rest of the Wilson clan will be joining us! YAY! Mom and Scott are going to Destin (camping) for Thanksgiving. My dad and Granny were going to come up but she is still not feeling all that well. She is going to come up and stay the week of Christmas- after all- I will be off work...OH YES!

Joe will be working Thursday night so after work he is going to Walmart for the Black Friday sale. I have always wanted to go but every year there is always a reason I can't! There are 6 things that we are getting. I tried to get the things others may not want as much as some of the other things...on my Black Friday list there is:
Aqua doodle Thomas - Cayden
digital picture frame - I am sure this one will get gone!
blocks - Chase
The VSmile PC Pal- for both the boys
mini crock pots - I love mine. Makes a great gift!
& for Joe-Joe he wants a lighter vac for the stairs and they have Bissell for 28.00!

Well - Sunday I rearranged the living room so I can put up my tree sometime over the next couple of days! AND OMG my carpets are so nasty! I hate carpet! Can't wait for the money tree to sprout some more $$$$, honey! Because the carpet will be gone!

I hope everyone has a safe long weekend!!!!!


Baby LOVE!


Jayme Lynn was born Nov. 11 2008!

She is so beautiful (she looks just like Aunt Jessica...)!!!



Been on the phone with the insurance company all morning!!! Scream!

PS- I voted yesterday!


Trying to be a good blogger minus pictures!

Well, well, well!

Cayden's soccer season is over. He loved it so we will play again in the spring!

Chase is doing better after is crash and burn at daycare last Friday ... the "owners" of the daycare have still NOT been there for me to put my two cents in on the situation! I put Joe on Daddy Duty that day, because I would have had a melt down on them all!

I have a doctors appointment in Nov. to go back to the doctor - so I will stop freaking out on everyone about everything.

Joe has to work Saturday morning, so the kiddies and I are going to a MOPS sale at church. Cayden needs some winter clothes and I am so OVER paying more for their clothes than mine and Joe's we will see how that goes. Chasey can wear all of Cayden's clothes from last year which is WONDERUL! I know will not be able to do that forever but for now they do not know any different so on we push.

Okay so I think that is it for now!


Here are a few pictures - figuring all this blog stuff out!

Mckenzie H's 1st Birthday (in the fire truck after the woods that caught on fire were put out!)


Snow day 2007

Joe & I in Social Circle Dec 2006


I am here!

So I finally started a blog! We will see how it goes!