Been on the phone with the insurance company all morning!!! Scream!

PS- I voted yesterday!


Trying to be a good blogger minus pictures!

Well, well, well!

Cayden's soccer season is over. He loved it so we will play again in the spring!

Chase is doing better after is crash and burn at daycare last Friday ... the "owners" of the daycare have still NOT been there for me to put my two cents in on the situation! I put Joe on Daddy Duty that day, because I would have had a melt down on them all!

I have a doctors appointment in Nov. to go back to the doctor - so I will stop freaking out on everyone about everything.

Joe has to work Saturday morning, so the kiddies and I are going to a MOPS sale at church. Cayden needs some winter clothes and I am so OVER paying more for their clothes than mine and Joe's together...so we will see how that goes. Chasey can wear all of Cayden's clothes from last year which is WONDERUL! I know will not be able to do that forever but for now they do not know any different so on we push.

Okay so I think that is it for now!


Here are a few pictures - figuring all this blog stuff out!

Mckenzie H's 1st Birthday (in the fire truck after the woods that caught on fire were put out!)


Snow day 2007

Joe & I in Social Circle Dec 2006


I am here!

So I finally started a blog! We will see how it goes!