Joe helped Chase with his pumpkin. I helped Cayden...ours apparently had a little to much hunch punch or something because he is leaning!!!

Happy Trick or TrEaTiNg!!!!



I was going to add a couple of pictures but I forgot my USB cord....maybe tomorrow!


We have tons of fun things planned for fall. Summer used to be my favorite time of year, it has now been downgraded to 2nd place. FALL is my FAV!!!! I love the colors, the activities, the crisp air, family and friends.

I am going to try and get some family pictures taken this fall. We usually do them in the spring but I really bad want pictures with pumpkins, hay, and love oh my!

Here is an update on The Four Farrells:
Joe has been moved to "days". He goes in at 8 and gets home whenever ever(usually 8). He is super busy at work but I wish he would realize that money and "work" is not everything and that he is needed & wanted at home.
I have been super busy with work, school, the kids, and Thirty-One. Some days I do not even know which way is up! I cherish weekends with NO plans and rainy Saturdays! I am super excited to get out and about this fall. I think the kids will have a blast.
Cayden is lovely school. He is doing well, only one red face so far. Apparently, the whole class was in rear form that day. He is almost done with soccer and this will be our last season for a while. he does want to try his hand or bat I should say at Tball.
Chase has been giving me a run for my money lately. Twos are bad - Threes apparently are may worse! Really all joking aside, Monday I had the day off & Chase and I went to lunch with his girlfriend and shopping just the two of us. PS - Chase has a thing for heels, not heels for him but for me...CRAZINESS.
Friskie is still an outside cat and he has hated the rainy weather. SHHH I let him in sometimes when Joe is not home.
Zeke has been actually like he is on speed lately! But he is still the same sweet dog.


Chase is 3!

Can you believe it???
Happy Birthday to Chasey!