Happy Vacay to us!

In June we are going to the BEST place ever.....the beach!

A lady that I used to work with has a condo/townhouse a the beach so we are getting a good deal.
Thanks Pam!
I am taking my coupons and my Publix list and we will eat out maybe 2 times while we are there....

I love the Gulf Coast- Joe however prefers the Atl Coast, blah. (He grew up in Jacksonville)

Anyhow you can click here to see the beach!

Here is what we looked like 2 years ago when we were in PC....

We are going the week before the 4th of July so I am hoping it will not be insane there. I know I know I know that there is going to be a million people there but just not like the 4th of July week....

Well off to go plan and plan and plan and plan out our trip and budget and coupon all that jazz!



Well I am going to be super busy this week. All with good things. All things I want to do.

I made a list of everything Cayden needs for scchool over the next week - that part is ugh. by Thursday we have to come up with some crazy egg drop thing. Don't ask!
Then there are class parties for both boys Friday. Which require prefilled eggs and snacks for the class...
Cayden also needs a Tshirt - plain white one for school for a craft.

Easter is Sunday. We have such awesome not had Easter pictures taken and apparently will not be having any such a thing done.

Thursday morning I am leaving the remaining 3 Farrell's go to my hown town for the night. I am super excited for lots of reasons but mostly to see a friend that I have had since K5. 
I will be back in time to get the kids from school but not before I stop Granny's to eat lunch of course! I need to call her and tell I am coming. Let me write that down now.
Then there is my new teenager brother that is staying with us this week. I am nervous to go home today to see what all has been eaten, drank, messed up, bowchickabowwow'ed slept on, and all the other crap dudes do.
I am also on a kick, I am sure that is what Joe is calling it, to return to my former glory. The gym sucks. My knee sucks. Sweat sucks. Oh yea and drinking all the freaking water that really sucks! I am however loving my somewhat tanner legs. Hello, cute skirt(s) in my closet! which brings me to the next thing.

Saturday morning I am having a partial done - yay for blonde! My hair is so dark from using over the counter color that this is going to be a long process. I told Joe the plan (hair wise) last night and he just rolled his eyes and said...Are you watching this? Can I change this?

After my hair I would like to take the kids to the zoo or something, Do you think there will be 156358 million folks there? I can't decide.

Okay I think that is everything...

Well typing this I got a super exciting phone call so

Have a great not so tick me off Tuesday!
This Tuesday is going pretty well....

Work in Progess

Bare with me....I will get everything the way I want it sooner or later...


Top 3 Thursday

What are the Top 3 things you should have thrown away... like, yesterday?

3. The nine billion pairs of shoes that I had pre- Chase, my feet grew and I can no longer where those shoes. Do your feet EVER shrink? I am just asking?

2. These are not technically mine, but they are by marriage. Joe's DRAGON correction yes you read that correctly. DRAGONS. Bright multi colored dragons on mountains and with flames coming from their mouths...

Me- Joe what is the deal with these UGLY ass dragons?

Joe- I went through a dragon faze.

Me- A faze? Then why are they hogging up this WHOLE closet...

Joe-Well I was keeping them in case the boys wanted them...

Me- Why would they want them? THEY ARE UGLY!

Joe- They are blah blah blah creaters blah blah and blah blah blah. Collectables. blah.I thought they may want them for their room. I guess I will try to sale them in a yard sale?!

Me- THOUGHT BUBBLE (yeah like anyone would BUY them)

Joe- Well since I am getting rid of my stuff. my collectables. You need to get rid of....

Me- Oh I need to go upstairs and something

Joe- what?

Me- I don't know...Want to go do it?

Joe- YES!

Case closed the dragons are going & all my shit stays .... and all it took was sexual favors! haha!
1. Make-up. Lots of MAKE UP. Back when I had to wear make up to check the mail....I have the same "make up" that I wear all the time. WHEN I actually put it on. And it is taking up space. I am not an ugly girl not so sure why I have so much...haha....not to much I am trying to hide...

Oh and I order some mineral make up that should be here today soooo....really?


Why it would be great to have a hide a key!

So after dinner I thought it would be a good idea to take the kids and let them and ME to walk up and down the street a few times....

So this one time I grab my phone ( my new one has a clip on it so it does not matter if I have pockets or not) and the spare key and put it under the front rug. I can see my house from the road I just did not want to take the risk of losing it. ha!

So I lift up the mat and it is not a limber as I remember. It bounces back and oopppsss....the key falls right between the cracks of the front porch...

So I called Joe and it was about ready to coem home so I say no rush as long as you get home before it gets cold/the sun goes down. He did

Here are some cell phones pictures from our afternoon outting literally!

they were supposed to make sad faces so i would have a fun picture for my blog BUT there was a PLANE!
Notice Cayden still has his sad face......


What is this?

Happy Saint Patricks Day From the Four Farrells!

Cayden would not take his sweatshirt off but his shirt says...Kiss me I'm Irish
Chase's shirt says Sham ROCKER!!!!

Maybe when I get home they will not be gross
and I can take a picture with my camera ....

(ps...all the pictures added today,this post and
the 2 below where ALL taken with our new phones! pretty great)

Coupons are....

HARD work! Just ask CHASE.....

I will add the pictures of him with his mouth open later..
..later like 1st date later! haha. those are on the camera!

Phones do not have flashes ....

... on them so sorry about dark pictures.

Thursday was Joe's 31st birthday. He picked Longhorn in Carrollton. We usually do NOT do the birthday clap and make the scene thing at the resturant but the waitress saw Cayden give Joe his card & asked so.... he got a FREE icecream....but since we spent 53 dollars for dinner I wish more than the freaking ice cream was free....


10 Things I love...

10. Post It Notes....oh so many reasons why I love these wonderful little items...The fun colors, the really cool little holders, the ones that "pop" up out of those really cool little holders. Multi-use for my multi use brain that is on over load all the time...

9. My coke rewards...Man, I read on Tracys blog about how they had gone to St Mt with coke reward points....and it all started. I have enough points to get one adult into the Coke Museum downtown so I would like to get an adult and a child ticket and be able to go for FREE! this summer

8. Vanpool...I slept the whole ride in this is great other than letting go of control...see CONTROL ISSUES, oh wait I do NOT have those!

7. Dr Phil and Dr Oz....I am anti-Oprah, Gasp! I have never been home in time to watch them on a regular basis but thanks to Vanpool I can

6. Blogging, yeah I know I have had this blog for over a year, but I am just starting to get into the blogfrog and blogging thing.

5. Verizon. We have had AT&T for many moons so I am happy with our service - We have Samsungs but with not internet boo. I am working on my Crackberry issues...

4. Envirosacs...I have some and want some more I have the Flora ones but I most have PLANT GREEN, hint hint....and I like La Boheme also...sigh These things are awesome!

3. My new computer. We have a desktop and I never spend money on "things" for myself so someone else is awesome to be where ever the kids are and be able to work, blog, play a game whatever, facebook and not have to be downstairs away from them

2. COUPONS and Publix.... and - 736.36 dollars saved in Jan and completly awesome. See my earier post for more details...

1. Chore Charts...for the kids that is...there is also an entry about that...well, the kids have such an easier time doing chores when a dollar at the end of the week is at stake!!!! I put mine in sheet protectors and use a dry eraser to put my checks, X, or frownie faces....

What are your top 10 favorite things you love right now?


What could you spend 736.36 on?

I started couponing in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got some toys at over 50% off during that time and that sort started this addiction that is....


...but it could be worse / it could be....

Cashier T - Hi There. How are you today? I will take your coupons when ever you are ready!
Me- Hi Thomas I am fine, How are you?
Cashier T- Good. Good Ready to go fishing!
Me- Okay here are my coupons...

tick tock tick tock tick tock

Cashier T-Ok Mrs Farrell you total savings today was 112.35. See you next week!

OH wait it is - &&&& It is Freaking AWESOME!

So my friends Jennifer and Tracy are the ones that started all the madness that is couponing...HERE is Tracy's Entry on her couponing.

So starting in 2010, when I really got into all this couponing I decided that I would save all my receipts from this year and add them all up at the end of the year to see what I had saved....

Well today is March 4 and I decided I will add these puppies up today and see where we are at is all things saving money...

Since Jan 1 2010 I have spent 907.42 on groceries but I saved
that is 81%
Can you do that at Walmart? I bet...
I only shop at Publix and sometimes Walgreens...but most of all my shopping done at Publix.
I buy everything at Publix:
Hair color
Cleaning supplies
Pull Ups
Paper Items
And then all my regular grocery stuff too

The only thing that makes me sick and I am going to start doing is that 736.36 is still in our checking or savings so .... I am going to start taking that and saving some of what I saved - it has however been nice to send extra food to someone who needs it and use the extra money on Four Farrell stuff...

We have all but cut out easting out we eat at home most of the time. If we do eat out it is usually somewhere that I have coupons too!

The folder .... I started with a 1 inch and quickly out grew it. This a 3 inch.
The front these a coupons that I have printed that need to be cut and filed or big store coupons.
I used business card holders that you can get a Office Max, Office Depot...ETC
My first notebook : Blinder, dividers, and BC holders was $21.00. THat is a SMALL investment on what you could be saving.

From Sunday Paper and Printables to be filed...

here are the websites I use
and Southern Savers (google it I am not sure of the website)

So answer my question what could you spend 736.36 on?
A new piece of furniture?
Pay off a bill?
Relax and not fill the stress of a smaller check?

Happy Couponing!!!

PS- I am not as good as some but I happy with my savings... Check out and some of her friends for 1 and 2 dollar Publix and Kroger trips!

here is a list of my dividers:
shampoo soap razors
toothpaste toothbrush
-kids toothpaste toothbrush
paper plastic items
-ziploc brand
-pinic supplies
Adult Meds
Childrens Meds
Laundry & Cleaning
-all purpose
 butter & other cold items
soup/can goods/fruit cup
(- is a sub catergory)
You will can label them how ever that is just is best for THE FOUR FARRELLS right now!

Cayden's Night

We broke down and bought him a DS for his birthday I think I threw up a little spending that kind of money on that thing...but that is ALL he talks about!

Where are we going?SurpiseHis hat his teachers made for him...he wore it all night!"Not wanna go to Chuck EEEEE Cheese, Mommy! Not Wanna go!"


Chores Smores!

Chore Charts HERE.

Cayden has been doing chores since the first of the year, I made up a chart and he get
X Free Day
:( not a good day
check mark - good day

if he gets all checks for the week. he gets a dollar so. If,which we have yet to do, he a month of checks and X then he get an extra special prize this months prize is this wooden train thing I got at Target for like 5 bucks. Whatever works! I made Chase a baby chore chart today from the link above. So we will see...The chore chart holds AWESOME power at my house...Its crap like
clean your room
put away laundry
put away coat
pick up shoes
help with groceries
...all things I would ask anyway but for some reason it is much easier to do when it is on a piece of paper on the fridge. I saw today that a lady said laminate it...light bulb! so I think I will do that! Where do you get thingd laminated at? Office Max or some where like that?

Would you wear my used underroos?

Retailers Are Selling Used Panties!!!


I stumbled across this blog HERE. I went back to her oldest post and worked my way foward. I watch 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom...Why? Because I was 19 when Cayden was born. So anyway that is not what this post is about. This girl Ashley is 18ish, she gave her baby up for adoption to her Aunt and Uncle then changed her mind brought her back home and then realized it was the best thing for her little girl, Callie, to be raised by the Aunt and Uncle and took her back to them. Anyway, Ashley will be on the newest season on 16 and pregnant. And before anyone goes and gets on their high horse or soapbox. I really can NOT image what all she went though...Could you? Really, could you make the decisions she had to make when you where 16,17, or 18? Most likely NOT!  I am really impressed with her attitude and she is one lucky girl to have such a supportive family. I do not know what I would have done with out a supportive family. Anyway, I could go on and on about all this but I want you to go visit her blog...Just remember what your mom told you as a child...If you can not say anything nice do not say anything at all....

For me personally, 2009 was the worst year of my life, I will post on that later. Since today is Cayden's birthday I want to stay happy and on track with his birthday celebration...but being a teen mom is not something I would suggest for many reasons. I do not regret anything, becuase if I were to change one thing, Joe,the kids, me - we would not be who were are is a entry from 2009 (october I think)

Cake is for losers!

Cayden does not eat cupcakes or cake - 99% of the time so instead of sending cupcakes that he will not eat to school today I am sending brownies and CC cookies. He was so super excited to get to take cookies and brownies. Cayden and Chase helped mix the brownies...and then the best part I let them lick the stir-ers!

Happy 5th Birthday, Cayden!

- We are going to make some more brownies and cookies for his birthday Friday night...

Tonight we are going to take him to Chuck E Cheese for dinner....SURPRISE!!!!
(please, Lord let there not be a ton of people there. thank you Jessica)

Snow AGAIN...

We have gotten snow every month this year....
Cayden is over the snow he was like it is cold and I am going inside to play
Chase wanted to play so I stood in the doorway and let him play. He enjoyed stomping on the snow. Then he decided to pick it up and his little hands got cold and he was like ok I have had enough!



I would LOVE to change my blog but I am at a loss....I want a 3 column blog that is cute....any suggestions?

Tick Me Off Tuesday

We are not in Monday anymore, so why is it that everyone is still ticking me off on Tuesday? Why because people basically suck! Why because Tuesday is like leftovers from the fridge it was not good last night it will NOT be good tonight! Why do people pick and pick and pick at my nerves until I am ticked and then it is what is the matter?!!!! That is why today is Tick Me Off Tuesday!

- Why has Carroll County Schools not closed yet? Every other freaking county has!
- Why do people bitch about people who can not drive in the snow, slush, and ice and when I say that I can not bitch that I can not go home becuase no one wants to do my job. Last time I checked it was not my freaking problem. Maybe just maybe if everyone was crossed trained & comfortable with everything there would not be an issue!
- Why does my husband have such a tick head?
- Why can I not leave early today? Oh that's right! OMG! I have the leave time and What if I had been "sick" this morning like I knew I should have been? Someone surely would have been here!

My thought for the day is that since I KNOW I CAN'T DRIVE IN WINTER WEATHER, I want to go home because me staying here all day and trying to drive home on ice is not worth me killing myself or someone else because you "need" me to stay. (!)

(not sure why it is sideways)
Here is a cellphone picture of the snow that was on the ground at 8.30 or so when Joe left to go to work and it has been snowing non stop (from what I have been texted, emailed and IM'ed) since then ...

now I just need a cool little button thing for my tick me off tuesdays....maybe i will work on that tonight!


Give A Away

Congrats to Christina here is what she won:

You can enter to win a wristlet wallet now through mid March!

Five Fast Years!

Look who is FIVE!

Happy Birthday to my sweet angel! You mean the world to me & daddy! These have been the best 5 years of my life. You are so smart. You are so loving. You are so kind. You are so loved!

March 3, 2005
Cayden Blake
5lbs 14oz
10:35 PM


I most certainly did NOT over sleep this morning and then drag my feet, making me even later, and then blame Joe for taking to long in the shower and not helping with the kids last enough!

I most certainly did NOT drag my husband all over Yankee Candle, making him “smell this” for 30 minutes on Friday. I must add we were kid free…So no I did not torture my poor husband, as he was buying my love for being a butt earlier in the week.

I also did not wake up at 7.30 on a Saturday morning without kids, ugh.

I most certainly did NOT decide to take the dog to pick up the kids from my moms without a collar or leash and expect him to stay in the car. You know after I chased him around our neighbor’s yards for 20 minutes or so. Then I most certainly did not get mad and yell at Cayden for opening the door to the car and almost letting the dog out of the car after I JUST said. Zeke is in the car and do not open the door or he will get out!

Nope, not me I did not know do any of those things!