A Ray of Sunshine in the Little Black Cloud

As many of you know, yesterday we (The Farrell Family as a whole) had a court date for Jayme. Amy tried to have the whole thing dismissed. Which did NOT happen. We spent the whole day in a hot then cold court room sitting on a wood bench listening to case after boring case. Now we have to go to Douglasville and start all over. Yesterday could have been the end to all this mess but God has different plans. I know all this is just a test - I think that as a whole the plaintiff side passed with flying colors. Not to get to personal because this is not my battle to fight so here are some pictures at dinner after court last night.

I am asking that everyone pray that things work out in the best interest of Jayme. If Amy gets Jayme full time we will never get to see her again. Thank you!

Also, Richard and Charlene are using the same lawyer we are for our case so I asked him yesterday during a break if he had heard anything from the other side of ours. He told me no. I know that they are most likely dragging this out so also continue your prayer for our Cayden Bug!!!!

Hugs and Kisses!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will have Jayme for a little while on Saturday and I am so excited!



Friday night Joe went to the movies with some friends, so I decided to take the kids to the Mexican restaurant next the daycare. We had a nice time bonding just the kids and me! While we were eating the sperm donor walked in. For some one who wants to see their "child" SO bad. He sure acted funny. He did not say one word to Cayden. We had to walk by his table on the way out and if his face would have been any closer to his plate - his nose would have in his food. Really! I swear. I wondered if it was him at first but it was - that little show proved it. All this mess we are going through for Cayden, not for our mom or dad or because someone might think bad of me if I don't fight it, is totally justified. It always had been before Friday but that just sealed the deal. God will protect Cayden. Cayden does not need anything those people have to offer. The drama, hate in their hearts, and all the other issues they have are not healthy nor are they a positive addition to Cayden's life.
OKAY I am WAY off subject. So anyhow, after we got home from dinner. Nana brought Jayme over to spend the night. We had the best time with her. Saturday morning we got up and went to Lowe's Build and Grow. Jake and his family were there. This time we built a Ready to Go Kit. It is a small little first aid kit.Jayme feels the same way I do about HD and Lowe's!!! After Lowe's I took Joe to his parent's house. They had an errand to run. The kids and I went to Chick A Lay for lunch and they played. Jayme was in the stroller and she watched all the kids coming and going. She had the best time. After lunch we came home for naps. After naps I took some pictures of the kids and Jayme.My Heart!!!Playing in the living room - & kisses for Aunt Jessica In the evening Colby and Kelsey came over for a while to play! They all play so well. Joe, Richard, and Charlene came home with pizza for dinner. I did not have to cook hardly any this weekend...SO NICE. After pizza Jayme had to go home.

Sunday we were going to church but with Chase potty training - I just thought it would be best if we stayed at home. Besides that Chase was not in the best of moods. He gets up SO early lately and then he is grumpy all day and he is getting to the point where he is "too big" to nap or so he thinks. After church, Mom, Scott, and Jeffrey came over for lunch. We grilled steaks. YUMMY! Then Sunday afternoon we played outside.

Learning early! Ha - yeah right!

Monday- Happy Memorial Day! I had this great plan to go the the Memorial Garden thing in Carrollton but it was so rainy. I oped to go to Douglasville. I needed to get a few things anyway. We met Nana, Mandy, and Jayme at the mall. We walked around for a while. Then we went home because I could not stand the mall anymore IT WAS SO HOT!
I blew up a kiddie pool and the kids splashed - I grilled some hamburgers and that was the end of our unofficial start to summer!

Keeping a close eye on his loves!!!

A special summer treat! Coke!


A Sad Day for LT & The Boys

Today is Mrs. Connie's last day. Mrs. Connie is the one who signed Cayden up at LT and has been there ever since. The boys went with me last night and picked out some flowers for her. They were so excited this morning to give them to her. (That is why the pictures are so blurry - They could not stand still). We walked in - more like ran in- to give them her and she was on the phone. She just started crying - to the point she had to hand the phone off. And you know Mrs. I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve...saw her crying and I lost it! Mrs. Connie has meant so much to our family. She as always made sure Cayden and Chase were taken care of. The little things she did mean the world to me. Example : If the kids had a doctors appointment and they would be coming back she would save them a plate from lunch just in case they were hungry when they got back...
We LOVE Mrs. Connie and she will be greatly missed!


BIG boy underwear vs. Chase

Well this weekend - Chase is going to BIG BOY UNDERWEAR full time! I figured this is the perfect time...It is a long weekend & we have little to nothing planned! I know I will be cleaning out Batman and Wiggles underwear ALL weekend but in the end it will be worth it! I am excited to not have to buy pull ups any more but SO sad that my baby is growing up...
My boys have always been right by my side and yesterday Chase told me - NO! Leave me alone I do it!...sigh...I know it is only a preview of what is to come. It is still emotional.

Well anyway I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day Weekend...


My Freaky Friday

So Friday started off rough for me...

Chase woke up sick - so at 6 AM I am getting thrown up on

Then I take Cayden to school and head to work and

there is a tractor trailer that has lost a metal beam in the middle of I-20!

So I finally get to work at 8:45 - I am supposed to be there NO later than 8!

Well - I am working away & I look up ...there is a lady from the building-

She comes in and says you have to go - you have to get out of the building now!

I am standing there dumbfounded ...Wait, what? There were suspesious packages on the

19th and 22nd floors....

So Facia and I make the truck down the stairs and walk over to the Varsity - which

is the buildings meeting spot.

After we had been there a while - they announce that if you do not have to go back in the building that you can leave...well cruelty at is worst...I HAD all the things I needed to go home

but the vault and everything were not secure>ugh!

Well Facia had not been to the Varsity before so we went in a got an ice cream

The day ended on a pretty good note ... it was time to go home when they let us back in the building!!!!


Aquarium. Children's Museum. Centennial Olympic Park.

Lunch in the park
All things Fishy!

Jacob the ham- he wanted to be in every picture!!!

Chase really like the 1.00 cupcake at the aqua cafe!

They found Dorie here!


Mother's Day Weekend

Friday night - we went to Midway to watch WALL-E under the stars. Jennifer and Jake joined us! Then Jake came home and spent the night with us!
Saturday morning - we all got up and got ready. The boys dropped me off to get my haircut. While I was having my haircut they went to McDonalds to get breakfast. We ate b'fast in the car on the way to Lowe's Build and Grow.

Sunday was nice. I got up with Cayden and Chase and we hung out for a while. After our bonding time we got ready for church. Joe went this year. It was a good sermon and a yummy breakfast. After that we went to LIN'S in Villa Rica. It was pretty yummy - then home for naps!