MY doggie in the window

So last spring I recused a dog . Joe has not wanted the dog from the get go. He is a sweet dog but this morning after Joe calling to b(*^$ about the dog I gave in - "Why don't you just find him a home!" I am sad but damn I get so freaking tired of him whinning about the dog, the dog did this the dog did that, why is the dog inside. It is not fair to ZEKE. so I am hoping that a man at Joe's work that his wife is SAHM will want him they are my first pick. We will see...

My friends are awesome because....

of this kind of stuff!

So yesterday we went to the zoo & We meet Tracy, Jennifer, and Jenny.

I had never meet Jenny in person and before I got there T was asking J if she had ever meet me before....

Do you know Jessica? She is on AWM.
I dont think so. Is the one ......
No. That is not her. She is SKINNY with big boobs.

I love me some Tracy!!!! If I could have kissed her I would have but I think This Daddy would have gotten jealous!

I only took one picture at the zoo, oopss I will post in tonight if I get a chance.


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Thirty One Update

So I got my Thirty One Spring Summer Catalogs yesterday and oh boy! I want it all...I was not in it 100% on the Fall/Winter but I not a Winter gal so.... here is a list of the items that will not be returning for SS2010 ... Once I can share the new stuff I will but you have until the end of the month to order.

*I will update as I know more/Some items will be in different colors or under a different name in 2010 so just because an item is on the list does not always mean it is gone for good!

* this list in competely unoffical!!! Just me going through the catalogs and see what is in one and not the other!

Train Case $19 3072 Multi Dots
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Glamour Shoe Bag $28 3157 Vine
Dome Pull Apart $26 Dot Dot
Bath wrap $36 3073
Robe $75 3085
Luggage tag $5 3008
Key Fob $5 3006 Brown woven, Black, Navy Dot w/ aqua, Orange dot w/ pink
Soft wallet $20 Deep blue Ring, black bubble quilt
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Zipper pouchs:
  tailored stripe $12.00 3045
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Sail Away Flap $36 3054 both colors
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Pleated Beach Tote $42 3060 Aqua
Sail Away go tote $46 3059 All colors
Meduim Ult bag $26.50 Happy Dot
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Storage tote $26 3064 Pink
All Coasters $12.50 3017

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Cobb shooter chose victims at random, company official says  | ajc.com

Cobb shooter chose victims at random, company official says  | ajc.com

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Target Clearance

So Chase is getting this headboard....

It is on clearance at Target for 42.48 with FREE shipping sooo...it will be less than $50. I am not super stoked about the way it looks but since my boys can not take care of anything they have: this bed will work until they can!

Chase has been in a big boy bed since October but no head/foot board b/c they are 1. expensive and 2. if I am going to spend that kind of $$$ on something I am going to like it ALOT you know almost LOVE it! and I can not find somehting that fits into the Four Farrell's budget and that I love...so I will settle with cheap for now... Check back to see if I got what I paid for or much more....

Walgreens & Ingles

Cottonelle TP 12pack 5.00 on  sale
2 Oscar Meyer Bacon 2/$6
Halls cough drops 2/$5
2 Windex B1G1 4.29
2 Scrubbing bubbles cleaner B1G1 3.59
2 All 2x 4.00 each on sale
2 Lys Toliet cleaner B1G1 2.79
2 Palmolives 1.00each on sale
2 B/CRK FRST 2/$3
2 Children's Triaminic 2/$10
DO 1.99
B/C YLW 2.39 each on sale
after the coupons i had:
5.22 in walgreens coupons
15.50 in MFG coupons
with the advertised savings of 32.16
that is a savings of 52.88

my total was $40.41 & I also have $6 rewards bucks to use later...

Here is the Walgreens sales ad for this week!

Ingles was a quick trip just to run in and get Joe something for dinner since he did not like what I was making and get hotdogs for the kids and B1G1 noodles!
Total 13.22 with total savings of 8.25 with 6 items sold!


Whining Wagon...join me for a ride

Okay sssoooo......

Yesterday, I had been home since Thursday and decided we needed to get out of the house during the middle of the day when ice should not be an issue. It wasn't, so all is well there since I KNOW I can NOT drive on ice, it freaks me out. That is why we had been home since TH.

Anyway, with that said here we go on the whining wagon....

This morning the "main" roads in front of our subdivision were all iced over so I carefully drove up and down the hills and such. Once I got to the interstate, I thought I would be home free...ha! I stayed in the center lane most of the way to work until I just could not take it and I felt comfortable enough to drive with the flow of traffic. If you have never ridden in a car with me let me introduce myself. Hello, I am Mrs. LeadFoot and your name was? Yes. So any way there is this BIG work truck in the fast lane with me and he is going a decend speed and I am just singing along to the radio when headlights catch my eye...NOT bluelights just headlights.  It is the girl or women riding my %*#. I am not sure where this chick wanted me to go but there were people beside me and I was keeping up with the work truck in front of me. In fact there was not enough room for her to get in between the truck and me but there was enough incase there was ice or braking issues. Then when she finally passed me she looked at me all CRAZY. Really? Then I passed her a little later at Thornton Rd. The point of the story is...
1. I got where I was going faster than you
2. You are the reason for wrecks driving that way esp. on days like what we have had this week or so
3. Personalized plates are for weirdos  crazies  Corkies....KRYSTAL from Carroll County do you really need your name on the back of your car? and if you are going to have your name back there I would not look at some one from the same place you live and be all CRAZY!
4. That is not safe: tailgating or having your name on your car for everyone to see...

To me having your name on your car is like a 40 year old woman having J U I C Y written on her butt in public!

*** Personalizated plates are not my thing if you so choose that is for you! I know some of you have them!

From my facebook:
Jessica Bodley Farrell Attention: "KRYSTAL" from Carroll County...if you prefer to tailgate 1. I would not have personalized plates 2. ride someones tail from the same county as you 3.do it on a not icy day. 4 please let me know where you would have prefered for me to go this morning...into the back of the truck in front of me or over in the... lane that a car was already holding down?See More

6 minutes ago Only Friends · Comment ·LikeUnlike

Jessica Bodley Farrell oh PS "Krystal" I passed you in the slow lane....so I guess all that "fancy" driving got you where ever you were going this morning slower than me!

2 minutes ago ·
haha - I had to do it - if for nothing other than shits and giggles!!!
Happy Tuesday!



I have been told that this is "my" blog and there are hardly ever any pictures of me sooooo....


early middle schoolHS 2003Summer 2002ish
Cayden's baby shower
Granny's when Cayden was 3 weeks old (I am so pale b/c I was stupid sick)Halloween 2005
A prom 2003ish

Snow Day

YES! It snowed.

 We all were at home.
We went out at about 3.30 & there was still enough for the kiddos to have a great time.

Can we go now???

This is why I would never made it to work...there is ice under all that!

Eat the snow! He did ....

Ok time to come in and warm up!

Cookies and milk are so yummy....
We haven eaten well today! Honey Buns, Bacon and Eggs for breafast, Pizza for lunch, and Soup and Salad for dinner...

Cold beer as Chase calls it....

Well, maybe if tomorrow is better, I mean if the ice is not an issue then we are going to go to Publix and Target. I took a nap today so I plan on staying up and cleaning up and out the kitchen! Wish me luck!

Happy Snowing!!!


Sneak A Peak Spring/ Summer 2010


New Products and Fun Colors!

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How wonderful would a Friday snow day be? Come on snow or at least come on Carroll County School System shut them down!!

We have a fire place but have never used it so I am going to do some looking around today and see when and how much $ it would cost to have the fireplace okayed. I would prefer not to have a house fire because I was to lazy to have the FP looked at.

So keep your fingers, legs, toes, eyes, or whatever floates your boat crossed for a Snow Day in Georgia.


2010 / The stuff I should have been doing all along

10. De-clutter our house. We have too much stuff! There are people who have nothing and could use the “crap” we have in our garage or stuffed somewhere.

9. Budget better; reorganize our finances, and coupon. If I want my plan to work I have to make the time take the time to show Joe it can happen!

8. Spend less time on Facebook

7. Tide more regularly and the way I am supposed to.

6. Pray. Really pray – something I have never done. I don’t know that I even know how but I figure it out

5. Better my relationships with Cayden Chase and Joe

4. Travel. Nothing fancy just get away from “home” for a day, a week whatever. We have a zoo membership and a TN aqua membership use them!

3. Take the par pro test for CCSS & get serious about school

2. Try some new every chance I get

1. Let LOVE WIN(s)!


I finally added pictures! Christmas & Chattanooga. I did not take very many this year oopsss! Enjoy what is there!

Ever wonder what is like to travel with me?

Okay - so ever wonder what it is like to travel with The Four Farrells?

Well below you will see how thifty orgainized great I am at planning! ha! what you will not see is all the links, highlights, and bold letters! You will not see the seperate money enevlopes and times and prices and printed schedule and coupons!

Enjoy - Joe, Jennifer & Steve, and the rest of my family thinks it is crazy and oh so funny!

To: Devin Hornbuckle; Jennifer Johnston

Subject: Chattanooga

Okay Ladies!

Here is what I have so far.

I get a Gov. discount at the Read House. So It would be 204.00 for both nights. I am able to book all the rooms in my name at that price and then you could just pay me back. That is not booked yet so I am looking for better prices, as of this morning it was not on Hotwire.com but I will keep watching.

I am going to let Cayden stay at school until 2.30 and leave then so we should be in Chattanooga at 4.30 on Thursday.

Once we check in we are going to the aquaruim...they are open until 8!

So here is what the schedule looks like so far....

oh ps devin - this is the craziness that Jennifer is always talking about so enjoy b/c every trip is like this....Click on the links for more information and etc.

Most things are free to children 3 and under so basically you would just be paying for Jake and Daniel. You can check each place and see what their ages are but most are 3 and under b/c last year we did not have to pay for anything for Chase.

Feb 11

Arrive Check in

TN Aqua (free for us) 21.95a/17.95c (the annual pass is 100.) (there was only a 30.00 difference for us so if you think that your family would go back in a yr I would do that)

CheeBurger CheeBurger (free entree coupon on chattanoogafun.com) our bill was 30.00 last time

Imax movie - (coupon on CF) 6or 7 a person

Swim at hotel (pool closes at 10) FREE


Bfast (starbucks in hotel or city cafe across the street)

CDM (childrens museum) (coupon on CF) reg $9.95a/7.95c (if you decide to go with a TNAqua pass you get a discount also)

Stcicky Fingers (coupon for free ap on CF)

Zoo (Free with ATL Zoo mem)

Coolidge park carousel (in a really cool park on the water across the river short drive) $1 each ride

ChooChoo Train Museum (joe and i hate it but the kids love it)(10-6daily) (there is a cost but it is not much maybe 3-5 a person)

Choo Choo Pizza Car Silver Diner (Pizzas are 10ish) 5-10p Fri &Sat

Ruby Falls (open 8-8) Annual Pass is 69.95 - or $15.95a/7.95c

Swim at hotel (pool closes at 10)


Bfast (panara bread, starbucks, city cafe or somewhere else we may find)

Check out is at 12

Ride the incline 14a/7c

Shoneys in cartersville for lunch (kids eat free)

Tellus Science Museum (cartersville, ga) ($12a/8c)


well i hope you guys can go !!!!!!!!!-

Jennifer you will fall in love with Chattanooga.

Well, let me know!


Jessica B Farrell

See what the Farrell's have been up to:





Twenty Ten not Two Thousand Ten...whatever 2010!

Welcome to 2010.

First off yes I changed the blog and adding and changing things all the time.

Now, for 2010 I will be making ME changes but no resolutions per say. Just things I should have been doing all along! I will let you in on those later when I can get my thoughts together.

Well, for 1/1/10 I decided to do a quick trip to Chattanooga every time we go the kids love it and Joe would love to move there so I knew there would be NO debates.
Cayden & Joe / enjoying the sofa in our free upgrade!
Get ready to go to http://www.tnaqua.com/
Ooopsss Daddy forgot something. Cayden & I in the lobby waiting!
Chase was over the stingrays!
Feeding the stingrays
This one swam right up to the boys and floated there looking at them
NEMO! (need I say more?)
CheeBurger Cheeburger....Apparently our new favorite resturant

Point Park
The Battle for Chattanooga
Chattanooga from Point Park
What is this?

Joe LOVES his TV and for the record the 40" that he just had to have would have never fit! The one he got works just fine!

The kids are slowly getting back to normal. They were out of school the week of Christmas and then a long weekend this weekend. School is actually out today but poor planning on my part so I am here and they are at daycare.

They said the S word today and maybe that will come true I would love another day off work.hehe!

Ps- Fellow bloggers where is the spellcheck on the new posting thingy!?

I think that is pretty much it for now. Check back for Stuff I should have been doing all along! oh and the thing I know everyone comes for my insight PICTURES!!!