God is Great & People are Crazy : I have no opinion on Beer

Well I am not really sure where to start so .... Forgive me it I ramble and get off subject.
Life is crazy right now, for sure!

A few Friday's ago we had mediation with the sperm donor. He said that I (I I I I) had put a financial strain on him. Who is he kidding? I don't think that his lawyer really knew what to do with me. SD and I had to answer questions about Cayden, how old is he? where does he go to school? Is he in PreK or daycare? All day or half day? I knew SD would not know some of those but he did not even know how old Cayden is! HE would not make eye contact with anyone. I looked everyone, I mean EVERYONE in the eye. I have nothing to hang my head for. Joe, our family, and I have all done what we can to give Cayden a happy, healthy life. His life is great! So this Friday we are going to go talk to Jim (our lawyer) and get all our ducks in a row.Then September 3 (next Thursday) we have court. Hopefully, it will be over and done with. I am really having to learn to put it with God and leave, no worrying about things I can not change.
Prayers welcomed! Not for Me, Not for Joe, Not for anyone but Cayden. He is the reason we are figthing so hard, Cayden. Deserves to have wonderful life with out all the drama, drugs, and drinking that comes with the SD.

I am enrolled in school, I am finishing up my Marketing Management - I only have four more classes before I am done. I am also taking Early Childhood Education Classes. I start the fall quarter soon. I am in a class now, a resume class. Oh boy!

Chase is doing pretty good potty training. He got to go to Chuck E Cheese on Saturday b/c he did #2 in the potty last week.

Cayden loves Prek!

Joe is fine. He was told yesterday, NO Overtime! yuck.

Well that is all I have for an update for now. I will post pictures soon!

Have a great week!


Busy Bee Cayden - 1st day of school

Today, is Cayden's first day of Pre-K! He was so excited. They had homework to bring in some of their favorite items; Cayden took : Friskie (the "fake" one -has he would say), a book, a train, and some pictures of him.
His bookbag that he has been trying to take to school for weeks now!

All dressed for school. Notice the super cool shoes!
He even decided to "fix" his hair...