A Nice Afternoon

We are going to Albany this weekend. I will post a bunch of pictures as soon as I can!

Have a nice weekend!!!


Earth Day


Jessica's Top 10 ways to save the earth :

1. Buy plain white toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. Dyed paper pollutes! We use Cottonelle!

2. Instead of ironing- hang clothes in the bathroom while showering - I use a wrinkle came from Dollar General - it was like 5 dollars and it smells SO good!

3.Replace your bulbs with fluorescent! All the lights in our house are fluorescent - other than the living and dining room and they are next!

4. Get re-use ables! Bags. Batteries.Etc. I LOVE MINE!

5. Recycle...

this is an area that we need to work on - especially with water bottles and papers!

6.Plant a tree

7. Install water-conversing shower heads and only take a 15 minute shower...{clearing of throat...JOE!}

8. Keep the lint out of the dryer screen...

9. Don't travel-backtrack!

10. Drum roll please......and my personal favorite....DO NOT TRASH IT - DONATE IT!

Place like the take everything...I mean everything!

I have two reasons...1. By donating items it helps someone in need! 2.It cuts down on your carbon footprint!

On the way home I am going to pick up a plant/tree to plant...that is our family earth day project!


Easter Weekend

Friday when I got home the sirens were going off. There were all kinds of storm systems moving over the house. So I put the kiddos in the basement to play and went outside to help Joe get things in...I moved his car into the garage (in case of hail). After the storm(s) passed we went to Douglasville and took Zeke to PETSMART and got him a crate. We picked up MickeyD's on the fly and headed back home.

Saturday morning Cayden had a soccer game. Joe and Chase stayed at home and Chase took a nap. After Cayden's game we went to Kelsey game. (I did not take pictures of either game)It was so cold at the games - actually it was the wind...Cayden and Kelsey both did so good at their games. Once all the soccer fun was over. Cayden, Jeffrey, and I all headed back to our house and had lunch. Then we headed to JellyStone Park. We got to see Yogi, egg hunt, hold bunnies, play on the playground, go on a hayride, paint an egg basket, and swing.

In the evening Richard, Charlene, and Jayme came over for a little while ... and we dyed eggs!

Sunday morning we got up to go to church. But before church we HAD to see what the Easter Bunny brought: We went to both services because we were working in the 1 year old room. I THOUGHT (that is what I get for thinking) that 1st service started at 9.45 ... nope it is we were really late. We went ahead and put the kids in their rooms and went and sat in the lobby and watched the service on the TV. About 10 minutes before the service ended we headed into the room to help get the kiddos ready for pickup. Colby and Josh were in the room so I got down on the floor and rounded around with them.

After church we headed home and on the way to church I realized that I never put our roast on the night before so we made a pit stop at Hardees and picked up so cheeseburgers. Cayden, Chase, and Zeke had lunch on the back deck. At 2.30 we had a dessert and juice egg hunt.

(my cake that I am super proud of)

That was a lot of fun. I think all the kids loved hunting. Kelsey found the GOLDEN EGG with five dollars in it! She said she was going to save her money...go Kels go Kels go!!!!

Once the egg hunt came to an end...MeeMaw and PawPaw broke out a late Christmas gift...


Cayden and Chase took turns being a caged animal Saturday night. Cayden was a lion. Chase was a bit of a bio-poplar animal - he changed every time he got in the cage!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Have a great week!