Well I am going to be super busy this week. All with good things. All things I want to do.

I made a list of everything Cayden needs for scchool over the next week - that part is ugh. by Thursday we have to come up with some crazy egg drop thing. Don't ask!
Then there are class parties for both boys Friday. Which require prefilled eggs and snacks for the class...
Cayden also needs a Tshirt - plain white one for school for a craft.

Easter is Sunday. We have such awesome not had Easter pictures taken and apparently will not be having any such a thing done.

Thursday morning I am leaving the remaining 3 Farrell's go to my hown town for the night. I am super excited for lots of reasons but mostly to see a friend that I have had since K5. 
I will be back in time to get the kids from school but not before I stop Granny's to eat lunch of course! I need to call her and tell I am coming. Let me write that down now.
Then there is my new teenager brother that is staying with us this week. I am nervous to go home today to see what all has been eaten, drank, messed up, bowchickabowwow'ed slept on, and all the other crap dudes do.
I am also on a kick, I am sure that is what Joe is calling it, to return to my former glory. The gym sucks. My knee sucks. Sweat sucks. Oh yea and drinking all the freaking water that really sucks! I am however loving my somewhat tanner legs. Hello, cute skirt(s) in my closet! which brings me to the next thing.

Saturday morning I am having a partial done - yay for blonde! My hair is so dark from using over the counter color that this is going to be a long process. I told Joe the plan (hair wise) last night and he just rolled his eyes and said...Are you watching this? Can I change this?

After my hair I would like to take the kids to the zoo or something, Do you think there will be 156358 million folks there? I can't decide.

Okay I think that is everything...

Well typing this I got a super exciting phone call so

Have a great not so tick me off Tuesday!
This Tuesday is going pretty well....

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The Cunninghams said...

I am so sorry about the pictures Jessica. I can do them Saturday sometime. Or Friday before 5:00. Actually I could do them Sunday afternoon. Let me know.