Top 3 Thursday

What are the Top 3 things you should have thrown away... like, yesterday?

3. The nine billion pairs of shoes that I had pre- Chase, my feet grew and I can no longer where those shoes. Do your feet EVER shrink? I am just asking?

2. These are not technically mine, but they are by marriage. Joe's DRAGON correction yes you read that correctly. DRAGONS. Bright multi colored dragons on mountains and with flames coming from their mouths...

Me- Joe what is the deal with these UGLY ass dragons?

Joe- I went through a dragon faze.

Me- A faze? Then why are they hogging up this WHOLE closet...

Joe-Well I was keeping them in case the boys wanted them...

Me- Why would they want them? THEY ARE UGLY!

Joe- They are blah blah blah creaters blah blah and blah blah blah. Collectables. blah.I thought they may want them for their room. I guess I will try to sale them in a yard sale?!

Me- THOUGHT BUBBLE (yeah like anyone would BUY them)

Joe- Well since I am getting rid of my stuff. my collectables. You need to get rid of....

Me- Oh I need to go upstairs and something

Joe- what?

Me- I don't know...Want to go do it?

Joe- YES!

Case closed the dragons are going & all my shit stays .... and all it took was sexual favors! haha!
1. Make-up. Lots of MAKE UP. Back when I had to wear make up to check the mail....I have the same "make up" that I wear all the time. WHEN I actually put it on. And it is taking up space. I am not an ugly girl not so sure why I have so much...haha....not to much I am trying to hide...

Oh and I order some mineral make up that should be here today soooo....really?

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Tracy said...

Thats funny. The men and their shit!