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Friday Final Thoughts 2-26-2010

This Daddy's Blog
So This Daddy does this Friday Final Thoughts thing every Friday because he is now a CrackBlogger! And he asked if anyone wanted to grab is BUTTon ( because his wife would not care)so me not wanting to pass up the BUTTon grabbing action here you go:

How can a husband be a TOTAL ass on Monday night? Then on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday act like nothing ever happened?

Why do kids do the things they do? I have not told yall yet, unless you have FB, but Chase killed the TV that Santa brought this year...with a toy. He actually beat it to death. That is right is gone, unrepairable, non returnable ... which why Husband was an ass on Monday night...but non the less...

Why  do Perez Hilton & I find this guy so amazingly awesome...he is a dude in a nursing bra with his banana literally hanging out in downtown LA...
Check it out here.... OMG!

Why do people get all worked up over things they know NOTHING about?

Why do people think that because I am their teller at the credit union that they should know EVERYTHING about me? Especially the ones on the shit list, really? You can be comfortable with cussing me out, telling me I am rude to you, or just being an ass BUT the next time you decide to come in you are asking How my kids are/How was my lunch/What are my weekend plans....BACK UP! This is how that should go down:
Member- HI
ME- Hi, How are you?
Member - Fine
Me- Thanks, have a nice day/weekend/ LIFE!
& Repeat from here on out!!!

It STILL sucks to work for Toyota today! One more to add to the list HERE.


My mom and Scott will have the kids tonight and tomorrow during the day and I am super excited because I am going to the mall without a stroller, run a way kid or ordering dinner at 4 differnent places to make everyone happy....Now if I can just go all alone.....ummmm....

Have a great weekend!


Chase VS the stairs ... Round 154,125

December 22 2008 - We had a great day but no naps. Naps is key. We went to lunch, the museum, and to visit my mom at work. My dad and Granny were coming to town on the 24th so I decided that we had another busy day on the 23rd so we needed to go to get our Christmas dinner stuff and what not.

   5.45PM I send the kids down the stairs a head of me so I can gather the bags and all.
   5.46 PM Chase is screaming at meets me half way on the stairs. He is holding a hand full of blood and I can not tell where it is coming from
  5.47PM Chase is in the tub stripped down and I am throwing water on him with him hanging from my body trying to figure out where the blood is coming from...Chase baby - Where does it hurt? I finally get a shaky hand onthe mouth. OH *&^&%$!!!!!!!!!!
5.48-Until almost 6 - I try to get someone anyone to answer the phone to come drive me to the ER with him...
Joe finally gets home and ATT apparently was having issues that night because he was like I will have to call you back LATER I can't hear you. Oh no the hell you will not - You need to get the F home! NOW!!!

Chase rides in the front seat with me ... we are placed in a room with a gentleman that I am sure passed away soon after we were sent home.

The DR and his student come in and Joe and I decide that the best thing to do is POP the teeth back up in place until in the morning and for me to call the Ped Dentist and get him seen ASAP. The DR tells me to check Chase all through the night to make sure the teeth did not fall out. So I think I had about 10 minutes of sleep....

So I call Children's Dental of Atlanta the next morning, a super super nice lady helps me with all the insurance stuff, which of course was drama filled since I was after all dealing with my employer (that is for another post) any how we get it all taken care of. We see a dentist and the long story short he was an ASS - we will never go back there. Alot of people take there kids there but I will not. So I leave in tears that this man wants to pull my 2 year old's front 4....

The kids fall asleep in the car post CDA so it was right close to my mom's so I went to their house and parked in the yard and let the kids sleep...(I was in the car, it was not cold or hot, I turned the car off and cracked the windows and tried to calm down and figure out our next move). During all the CDA drama I call my mom and tell her the deal. She calls my step dad who is friends with a popular dentist in Douglasville. This dentist does not see kids any longer but as a favor to Scott and Chase he told us to bring him in and let him look at the teeth so if they did indeed need to come out we could find a new dentist and continue on. Popular Dentist says the do not need to come out right then that he would wait a month and then see what is going on with them and suggest some dentist. I went home - and one of the dentist was on our insurance so I made an appt.

May 2009 - Chase goes for a 6 mo. post teeth vs stairs deal. The dentist is stunned when I tell them that CDA wanted to pull the teeth and not wait until all healed and go for there. She says that everything looks good the gum line is so high that it will most likely cause an issue and for us to keep a watch on it...

Feb 2010 - Check up time...(we were supposed to go in NOV, ooopps). The dentist decides that one tooth is dead and is loose to the point it may fall out on its own and the other the root is getting an infection.

I cried once again- not sure why...I knew in the back of my mind it was time. Anyway the tech stopped me on the way out the door and says why don't you get him a partial....LIGHT BULB! duh, why did I not think of that?

So On March 26 - Chase's front 2 teeth will be pulled and replaced with a Pedo-Partial that will look similar to this:

Now, We just have to start talking to him about it. The D said that if he seems like he is okay they will do it all in the same day otherwise he will have to come back. I prefer that they do it all at the same time so one recovery and all...

I will keep you all posted and please send prayers for Chase-y Man!

Oh, PS I say the stairs won this round! Well all almost all the rounds!

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Really? I almost can't believe this...

I did not think there was customer service/care/follow up like this anymore...

Read this HERE first then HERE & Finally HERE ! Pretty freaking awesome!

I don't think we have ever bought anything from HH Gregg but that will change!

So is this what growing up is?

Um, were to start. I have been through a lot of changes in the past, let’s say year or so. Things have not gone the way I just knew that they would. The important things in my life are not the same they were 2 years ago, a year; I would dare to say 6 months ago. The main thing that is pulling me in one direction is to be at home. Not to work and have another baby. The moms that love their job and love their family: they are lucky. The moms that are able to stay at home with their children and have husband that do whatever it takes to allow them to be at home and they love being at home: they are really lucky. I am jealous of those moms. The moms who are not happy at home with their kids and wish that they were able to work a “job”: they are not lucky. The moms like ME that are working and HATE everything about work and are not able to be with their children: They are really unlucky! I am not sure that I really hate work or the place that I work per say as much as I am just not happy. At a point in my life, I liked coming to work it was my adult time and then I came home to the kids. We have mommy and kid time and then bed time. Weekends were family time with a few birthday parties and what not thrown in on a Saturday afternoon about one a month.

About 6 months ago, when I knew things were changing with me, I enrolled in school. Thinking maybe this is a goal that I can have and still work but all that did was stress me out because I did not want to half ass it. At that point I had the kids, Joe (the husband), driving to work (60 miles one way) and home alone (think gas$, time in the car, wear and tear on the car, and the MILES oh the miles I have put on that car), Thirty-One, a class (an online class, but class none the less), court issues, money issues which were because of the court issues, and I am sure there were other things going on that were important at the time but are not now. All the time this is going on around me there is a pull, on where I need to be. I am not sure what caused this change. I am also not sure this was a sudden change either, I think I have been busy running all over the place that we I finally felt the pull it was like being pulled into a swimming pool dressed in your Sunday best!

Joe and I have what I call The Annual F(&# You Fight. We had that a few weeks ago about my feelings. I am not really sure where he stands on things until he gets pissed with me…Well, I know where he stands. My daily goal is to make my BIG goal a reality. Everyday is what can we cut back on? Would that be cheaper with someone else? We are not eating out as much. In the past two weeks we have been out once for Valentines Day with the kids. That is it, we were at least one a week eater outers! Had the goal of leaving work in May to spend the summer with the kids but that is not going to happen for a veriety of reason. No one is to blame for this just where we are in our journey.

The people who know what is going on with me and my pull(s)…they all say to pray about it. Yes, I know that…but the praying what got all this preying on my mind. Now, I feel kind of stuck but… then I feel like God would not have placed this urging in me if He did not have the answers, right? RIGHT!

Joe says that I think up something and it is all I can think about and then it is off to something else. Well, that may be true but I do not think so in this case…REALLY!

Apparently, I have this fierce momma lion thing going on with a family member. I feel the need to take out the crazy women who caused this huge drama with this small family member…I don’t know what that is all about but everything about the situation pisses me to the extreme…

As far as the court thing…really I thought I would be more upset. I am not I do not like talking about but everyone just wants to make sure Cayden and I are okay with everything. No, not really but what I can do about it now. I had a SHITTY lawyer that was more worried about the amount of money I had paid him; he named the price not us than protecting Cayden. He talked a big game but in the end I was left crying for Cayden and he was looking at the courthouse ceiling…Really, no lie.

In the past, I would have stepped into crazy over the ass that cause all this in the first place and anyone that did not meet my standards but lately I find comfort in karma and in the end that what I say after the fact does not change much. I know that God has a plan. I know that God’s time is different from mine. I have learned to lay it at his feet…that is all I can do.

Well, the point of all this is…

So is this what growing up is…

- Not so much fight as flight?

- Not worrying about how I got to the point I am at in life, just dealing with the cards I have been dealt?

- Not stressing over things I can not control – which is everything- and almost going with the flow?

- Wanting to be with my family and no where else?

- Having a bad attitude and knowing but not quite sure how to fix it until…?

- Loving advise from just about anyone that will give it to me

- Not so worried about things anymore…worried more about people?

- Being aware of me – my likes, dislikes, happiness, sadness, love, and hates?

- Daring to be more than what the mold says I should be?


There are plenty more but I am sure you are tired off my Jessica Ship that has set sail on the rocky waters of life.

I am not so sure this entry even makes sense or not…but….oh well

Have a great day!


The bread one is mine! be jealous!

Deals From My Inbox

Is there something in the air?

So I am feeling a little a lot confused at a loss surprised and thrown off mixed up baffled.....

So last week Joe and I have our annual F U argument and I have backed off what we were "discussing" and let sleeping dogs lie FOR NOW...

But he was running his mouth last night about the show Teen Mom. That is sort of my guilty pressure show I guess...anyway this complete dead beat dad and loser boyfriend/ fiancĂ© whatever is on the TV. He is on the talking with Dr. Drew (that is another blog entry) and they are talking about how moms and dads love differently. Agreed. What pissed me off is that we are butting heads over something that is a big deal to me but Joe is not willing to look at things through my eyes. Disclosure: I said this thinking this might start WW3 again but it did not thank you God! But a part of me was sick or hearing him oh I understand, blah blah blah...

You need to be quite. Quick fast and in a hurry! How is that you are watching this show for 5 minutes and you completely understand what this loser is saying but you know me (....) and you are not even willing to listen to what I have to say. You can't put yourself in my shoes for those 5 minutes but you can his....

Joe stopped and kind of looked at me and just shut up? What? That is what I am surprised about!

Then one of the girls is maybe knocked up I say good grief they can't take care of the baby they have and they are having another and I can't get my husband to agree to one more!

That opened the baby door (not like a doggie door, but you know what I am saying) First, he says when Chase is in Pre-k, okay so that means we can get started trying in the fall and we will have a summer baby. Then he realized that was this YEAR!

No, I think we should wait until Chase is in K5...
what is the difference at that point?
ugh oh ugh....yeah and again with the back tracking.

Then he says so how many more do you want to have? You know - I know one, but I love kids...?

What are you saying? 4?

Yea, maybe!

This is where I am baffled - you will not decide about one but you will about 2 - you kind of have to get to one first!

All this makes my brain hurt....



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