Zeke's Letter to his foster family

Hello Alabama Family & Friends!

Greeting from Temple, GA!

I wanted to let you know that I love my new home in Georgia! It was a long ride but I slept most of the way. At my new house I have a fenced in backyard and a kitty to play with.
I love dinner time here my brothers are messy eaters and I get to eat anything that falls on the floor. I get to play outside and inside - I get to go anywhere I want. I am being a good boy and not getting on the couches or anything like that. But Mommy and Daddy's bed is super comfy and when Daddy is not in the bed - you can bet you will find me in his spot!!!
I went to my Meemaw and PawPaw's yesterday (Sunday) to play with my uncles- Widawake, Samson, and Burton. Widawake was fun to play with. He is a big dog but he did so good with me. Samson is good to cuddle with he is an old dog so he does not play to much! Burton is small like me...he is fun to! I love to give everyone kisses! They are good to me - everyone is so sweet to me. I think I am the perfect size...small enough to play with the boys but big enough for them not to try and pick me up! In my letter I enclosed my pictures of me at my new house. I am so glad I have a home. I got to roll around on the floor with Mommy yesterday and that was real fun...She is teaching me to shake hands. And she gives me TREATS when I potty outside! That is AMAZING! Thank you for finding me a home and I will be in touch!


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