Pooooo on.....


So Monday he crapped the shower and then tried to push it down into a bath crayon holder thingy!
Last night I caught him quishing it through his fingers and dropping it in the toliet...

So if you thought your past 2 days have been 'crappy' come hang out with me!


This Daddy said...

Ok here we go


That is some crazy shit?

Holy shit?

Smells like shit?

Shitty shit shit?

Dumb and Dumber movie scene when he is in the bathroom with the melted chocolate

Sorry for all the shit you have been going through, sounds like some crazy shit.

Songs with the words: Doo Doo DOOby Doo

Jessica Bodley Farrell said...

Thanks - Yes it has been pretty crappy at the 4 Farrell Casa....I guess that is what I get for BEATING you at your own game....